Birthday party time!

Oregon Duck Pinata

And… I’m a full two days into my 31st year and my birthday party tailgate was a huge success. HUGE.

We put together quite the spread (both breakfast and lunch foods), created some really great decorations and I made a dead Oregon duck pinata! The pinata was such a success that I also may have picked up another part time job as a pinata maker! (I gave out my phone number yesterday to someone who “has to get at least one”!!!)

Oregon Duck Pinata

Here’s the party menu breakdown:

Breakfast eats

  • These egg, mushroom, sausage, cheese, onion muffins that I found on Pinterest (SO GOOD!)
  • Passion Orange Guava mimosas
  • Fruit salad: mangos, pineapple and strawberries with mango sugar. So tasty and refreshing!
  • Top Pot doughnuts

Lunchtime eats

  • Sandwich bar! Rolls with all sorts of meats, cheeses and spreads.
  • UW pasta salad. I used my favorite pasta salad mix and used UW pastas. I’m a genius!
  • Tortilla chips and seven-layer dip
  • Potato chips and french onion dip


Sweet treats

  • It’s not a birthday party without cupcakes. And it’s not a tailgate without football rings in those cupcakes.
  • Oreos hand-dipped in chocolate. You’re welcome, guests.

More drinks

  • Purple and gold Jello shots! (Grape and Pineapple)
  • Wine in my special birthday girl glass
  • Bud Light!
  • The silver bullet!

I hope you had a great weekend!

Me & my dead duck friend. Hat from Libby's Paper Party Hats! Thank you, Lib!!

Me & my dead duck friend. Hat from Libby’s Paper Party Hats! Thank you, Lib!!

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