Moss milkshakes

Moss milkshakes

Moss milkshakes

Happy Easter! How do you celebrate?

We’re headed over to my parents’ house this afternoon to hang out with them and my Grandma. This morning we made a delightful breakfast and enjoyed it on the deck in the rare Seattle sun. (It’s been 60 degrees + since Thursday!)

Now that the backyard is squared away (for now), it’s time to make it look a bit more lived in… So, I turned to Pinterest to figure out how.

Turns out, a moss milkshake is in order.

Based on this Pin circulated the interwebs (left), I need to go harvest some moss, find water-retention gardening gel (Home Depot, maybe?) and buy some buttermilk.

That sounds easy enough, right? We’ll see!

I’m a little nervous that this will only work on hard, concrete surfaces (like walls or pots) and not soil, but my fingers are crossed that it will work.

I’ll make some milkshakes and report back soon.


What a dirty job…

We’re celebrating ‘spring break’ here on Megan’s Island so we took a quick jaunt down to Portland to hang out with family and enjoy the sites.

While we were gone, we had 12 cubic yards of topsoil delivered. Do you know how much dirt that is? This much.

2013_3 Dirt

We woke up early yesterday to tackle our new mountain of dirt and after 133 wheelbarrow loads and 13,000 steps back and forth (I love my pedometer), we filled in and landscaped the backyard, the front yard and our veggie/herb garden by the driveway. We started at 9 a.m. and finished at 5 p.m. with an hour lunch break.

We couldn’t be happier with the results and once I can bend my legs and move my arms, I’ll put all of those plants in the ground! Check back for final before and after photos soon!

Almost-finished product!

Almost-finished product!

UPDATE: I’m still sore and Brandon figured out why: We lifted/moved 22,275 lbs of dirt on Thursday. Oy.