Young House Love in Seattle!

So much for that New Years resolution of blogging more often. Sorry about that.

YHLNow, on to the post. I’m sure every time you read this blog you’re thinking “Man, that Megan is so cool, I bet we’d be great friends if we knew each other in real life…” Right? Well, I feel that way with a few of the bloggers I read, especially John and Sherry Petersik at Young House Love.

The Petersik’s book tour (buy their book, it’s great) stopped near Seattle — in Tacoma, about 40 miles south of Megan’s Island — and it was worth the drive. My friend Kelsey and I got there two hours early and were in the second row for the presentation. We were SO EXCITED.

After a brief presentation, John and Sherry got to the book signing portion of the event. After an hour or so of waiting in line — and prepping what we were going to say to them — it was finally our turn! They were nice enough to pose with one of my Little Britches Bakery onesie cupcakes (NOT an endorsement, just a photo) and sign my YHL book.  We also chatted like BFFs and after accidentally leaving my phone on the signing table, they even yelled at me to come back and get it. (I’m sure they just wanted to chat more…) Believe it or not, they’re even more fun in real life than they seem on the blog. If I had a dinner party of all of my favorite people, they would for sure be on the invitation list.

My DIY Heroes: John & Sherry Petersik

My DIY Heroes: John & Sherry Petersik

I’m still in a bit of shock that I got to meet these DIY heroes of mine. Hopefully they will return to the Pacific Northwest and stop by to crash Megan’s Island!!

Do you love Young House Love? Do you wish you could meet John and Sherry in real life too!?



Next up? Living a Pinterest lifestyle


New year, new crazy lifestyle challenges at our house!

Pinterest is one of my most favorite hobbies (it counts as a hobby to surf the net, right?!) since I love cooking, crafting, decorating, partying, exercising and knowing everything about everything. One of my close friends calls Pinterest “the place where dreams are stored,” which is totally true!Pinning

So, this year, we’re going to live a Pinterest lifestyle and I’m going to write about it here! The whole idea is still taking shape, but so far I’m planning on several meals each week courtesy of Pinterest, new monthly workouts to try (there are so many!) and of course lots and lots of crafts and decorating ideas.

Stand by to watch our life be pinned!

Fingers crossed!

Fingers crossed!