A new adventure for 2012

I love cooking!

I have to admit it: I miss taking pictures of my dinner.

You know I love to cook, and now it’s time for YOU to tell me what to make!  I’ll be taking suggestions from comments here and on Facebook and will pick a winning ingredient to use each week.  I’ll ask for recommendations on Fridays, so I can buy the necessary ingredients over the weekend.  Think Iron Chef.

We’re going at this with an open mind, but have some stipulations:

  • No eggplant
  • Nothing pickled
  • No intestines or brains
  • An emphasis on seasonal eating (for veggies)

Get to commenting!  I’m a very good planner and will include the “item of the week” as much as possible in our week of meals– and of course I’ll photograph it all and include recipes!

Here’s to a healthy and adventurous 2012!!

I did it. A year of dinners: photographed.

Phew. 365 dinner postings. Thank you for sticking around, for commenting and for not hiding my Facebook feed. Thank you most of all for following me here, to my new blog!

I hope to post regularly to this blog—so bookmark it now—and come back often. In addition to posting photos (and recipes!) of some of my particularly fascinating or delicious meals, I will post my newest craft creations and excerpts and photos from around the world wide web.

Now, for the dinners.

Brussel sprouts on a pizza!? YES!

It was quite fascinating to actually see my favorite meals, the frequency I make them and my favorite dishes, like pizza and brussel sprouts. There were certainly some fan favorites (shown below) and some fan not favorites. Who knew people would be so judgmental about a dinner!

Over the past year I’ve eaten better than I normally would. I’ve always tried to eat a very well balanced meal for you, my viewers, and I think that I’ve been pretty successful. Sometimes this has meant eating a lot more than I’ve been hungry for, as to not disappoint my followers. There are some weeks when I could eat the same thing over and over again for dinner. I amazed myself at my new-found plating abilities and how frequently I cooked and ate dinner at home. A pat on the back for me.

I spent a few minutes go back through my dinner photos and along with getting hungry, I jotted down my favorites, in no particular order.

Famous Stacy Reilly

Best comment: Stacy Reilly “Omg… I feel super famous right now!!” {On being pictured in October 16’s bowl of tailgating chili}

Worst meal pairing: October 29’s cheese tortellini, leftover chorizo and broccoli. Yuck. I get a bad taste in my mouth just thinking about it!

Most pitiful meal: A tie! December 28’s very yellow meal of corn niblets and taquitos and January 6’s corn niblets and brussel sprouts. I guess that’s what happens when there’s no food in the fridge and I’m too lazy to go to the store or grab take out.

I was pretty adventurous on this food journey. We tried a lot of new recipes and a few new ingredients. That’s one of my 2012 goals: trying new foods.

Here are some other favorites from my year of photographing my dinner: