Megan’s Island: shuffling off to Buffalo, NY!

Buffalo, NY!

It’s official! We’re trading in the grey drizzle of the Seattle area for upstate New York!

Brandon signed the official paperwork this week and come next fall, he’ll be teaching accounting, Michael will be making new friends at a new daycare, and I’ll be spending a lot more time here, on this blog. And on my small business. And working on my real estate license. And, finally, working on even more ideas I have up my sleeve! You’ll just have to keep tuning in to find out!

Since I’ve never left the Seattle-area for more than a couple of weeks at a time, I need your help.

Tell me everything you know about the Buffalo area: favorite restaurants, favorite wineries, favorite spot to see the fall colors, favorite great lake, favorite parks and snow boots, you get my drift. Snow drift. Get it? (For those not in the know, it averages 94″ of snow each year there. That’s nearly EIGHT FEET of snow.)

Tell me all of your tips for moving to a new town. Should I find my new favorite stores and make friends there? Same story but at my new favorite restaurant, wine bar or winery? Should I volunteer?

I’m sad to be leaving my friends and family in Seattle, but nervous and excited about this new adventure. I’m definitely looking forward to spending a lot more time here, with you.

Now, we’re off to shuffle off to Buffalo!

5 thoughts on “Megan’s Island: shuffling off to Buffalo, NY!

  1. Hi Megan, I’m from the western New York area and currently living outside Buffalo. We’re the city of good neighbors, so you’ll fit right in! We also have a cool blogging network and a chapter of Tuesdays Together, if you’re interested!

    • Hi Taylor! Thank you so much for commenting! I would love to join your blogging network and attend any and all events! We’ll be out in July/August and I look forward to meeting you! Thank you again!!

  2. Congratulations! Molly has told me all about your journey, and I’ve been quietly following like a creepster (we bought the City Mini GT from her/your recommendation!). Congrats on the move! You’re going to have a blast, and can’t wait to read all about your new adventures.

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  4. Honestly you will find that Buffalo, NY is the greatest hidden city of the United States. Wonderful neighborhoods, evolving downtown life, best food town there is, and most importantly its a big city with not much traffic! You will love it.

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