Girl Scout Cookie “Meal” 3: Do-Si-Do Peanut Thai Chicken

We did it. We found a recipe that incorporated cookies into dinner.  (Brandon was in heaven!)

First, we bought a box of Do-Si-Do peanut butter creme cookies.  I wasn’t familiar with Do-Si-Dos, but they were very good. (Typically I don’t deviate from Thin Mints and Tagalongs.)

First you take the cookies…

Next, we smashed the whole box of cookies into little pieces to make them reminiscent of crushed peanuts:

Is that peanuts? Nope! It’s cookies!!

We cooked the chicken per the recipe along with some rice noodles and broccoli.  All in all, very delicious and the perfect excuse for eating cookies with your dinner!

For the full recipe, visit here. Little Brownie Bakers have lots of great Girl Scout Cookie recipes here. Enjoy and get ready for next year’s Girl Scout cookies!

Finished product

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