A new adventure for 2012

I love cooking!

I have to admit it: I miss taking pictures of my dinner.

You know I love to cook, and now it’s time for YOU to tell me what to make!  I’ll be taking suggestions from comments here and on Facebook and will pick a winning ingredient to use each week.  I’ll ask for recommendations on Fridays, so I can buy the necessary ingredients over the weekend.  Think Iron Chef.

We’re going at this with an open mind, but have some stipulations:

  • No eggplant
  • Nothing pickled
  • No intestines or brains
  • An emphasis on seasonal eating (for veggies)

Get to commenting!  I’m a very good planner and will include the “item of the week” as much as possible in our week of meals– and of course I’ll photograph it all and include recipes!

Here’s to a healthy and adventurous 2012!!

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