Wine Wednesdays are here!

Wine Wednesdays are here!

Wine Wednesdays are here!

This isn’t a secret to anyone who knows me… I love wine. I’m planing on using this blog to share my love of wine with you every Wednesday! We can celebrate Wine Wednesdays together.

I started out as a Riesling fan and over the past 10 years my palate has grown and I drink both reds and whites. My preference is red, but I do love a good white wine every now and again, especially in the warmer summer months.

Lucky for me, Brandon is also a wine lover. We love wine tasting locally and we always manage to find a winery or two to try out when we’re on vacation. (We just tried a Texan winery last weekend, and the vacation before that, pineapple wines from Maui!)

Brandon and I belong to two wine clubs locally: Davenport Cellars and Efeste, both in Woodinville’s Wine Warehouse District, an area about 20 minutes north of Megan’s Island. We have become friends with the winemakers and owners and genuinely enjoy every wine that they produce. We’re headed up to the Warehouse District this weekend and I’m looking forward to sharing our visit with you next week!

Wine Wednesdays will include wine recommendations and reviews, along with recipes that pair well with our favorite wines and of course, wine-related crafts! If you love wine, check back here for our Wine Wednesdays!

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