{WINE WEDNESDAY} My buddy Francis

Happy Wine Wednesday!

The other day I came across this rose at Costco. A good friend of mine loves the Sofia prosecco, so when I found this, I had to get it. Plus it was only $12.

Sofia: lovely.

Sofia: lovely.


Autographed for my love, Franny’s #1 fan!

This bottle of wine didn’t last very long in our cellar and we enjoyed it on the patio last night with a friend visiting from Texas. Sofia is one of Francis Ford Coppola’s labels, which brings me to a funny story…

A few years ago I was in Napa at a bachelorette party with 20 of my closest girlfriends. We were having a grand time touring winery after winery. At one of the last wineries we visited, Rubicon, our party bus driver noticed a famous guest: Francis Ford Coppola. To tell you the truth, I had no idea what he looked like, but I was definitely familiar with the name and his work. In fact, the first and second Godfather movies are two of Brandon’s all-time favorites.

Franny (my new best friend’s nickname) was very nice and open to autographing bottles and posing for photos, so, we all got in on the action. It seems Franny was especially fond of Kimmy, just look at that death grip around her waist! It was so exciting to meet such an icon, even if I was a bit tipsy.

It's Francis Ford Coppola! My new best friend!!

It’s Francis Ford Coppola! My new best friend!!

2013-5 Franny2


Do you have a celebrity sighting experience? What’s your favorite Coppola film?  Have you tried Sofia yet? Tell me all about it in the comments!

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