{Wine Wednesday} Wine SLUSHIES!


Yes, you read that right: WINE SLUSHIES! We first discovered wine slushies at the Kestrel tasting room in Leavenworth, a favorite little city of ours. They’re pretty high-end at Kestrel and have two granita machines: one for the white slushy and one for the red. I really prefer the red, which Kestrel makes with their Lady in Red red wine.

I love myself a wine slushy!

I love myself a wine slushy!

The biggest bummer as that the slushy is only a Leavenworth thing and they don’t carry it at their Woodinville tasting room (3 hours away vs 20 minutes).  BUT…Never fear! Kestrel sells a mix so that you can make your own wine slushies at home! SCORE!

We’ve been testing out slushy mixes over the past few years and our favorite is this mix from D’Marie:

D'Marie Frappe Vino

Once you get your hands on the “mix” (it says its all-natural, but near as I can tell it’s a packet of chemicals), simply get out a gallon-sized Ziploc bag and pour in a bottle of red wine (I prefer a cheaper, red table wine). Next, take that empty bottle of wine and fill it up one and a half times, pouring it into the Ziploc bag.  Add the contents of the mix packet, carefully close the Ziploc bag, and put it in the freezer.  In a few hours you are ready to enjoy your own wine slushy!

Buy your own “Frappe Vino” mix at your local winery or at www.dmarieinc.com.

This is what an at-home slushy looks like. Let me tell you, this is the perfect way to refresh yourself after a long, hot Seattle summer day.

Homemade wine slushies!

Homemade wine slushies!

Enjoy your Wine Wednesday and have a wonderful and safe Fourth!

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