{Gone Pinning} True Blood finale


Our ‘Gone Pinning’ feature is back! This week we’re focused on vampires. Yes, vampires. Brandon and I discovered True Blood four years ago and burned through DVDs until we were current– like an episode each night. Ever since, we subscribe to HBO during the summer, so we can watch our favorite vampires in real-time. (Note: I have watched but not read the Twilight series and it doesn’t even compare to the vampires in True Blood…)

The season six True Blood finale is coming up this weekend (HBO, Sunday, 9 p.m. pacific) and we’re having some friends over for a viewing party. Since we’re on a pizza kick, we’ll be making pizzas from scratch (not very vampire-y) and a vampire/True Blood inspired dessert. We will, of course, be serving “True Blood” but ours isn’t carbonated and instead will be red wine. (We went to NYC for our honeymoon and happened upon the HBO store. What did we get? Two bottles of the “real” True Blood. (It’s like blood orange soda in a red plastic container, but we’re keeping it sealed. Plus it was cheap. I was a week into being married to an accountant!!)

First, let it be known that I checked this book out from the library this past spring. I had intended to throw a True Blood season premiere party, but, alas, life got in the way and that didn’t happen. Hence the season finale party. There are some fun recipes, but we’re not planning on going fully all out for Sunday.

TB Cookbook

And then there is dessert. Ah, dessert. Looking on Pinterest, there are so many ideas! This dessert is currently “winning” and I think I’ll make it. How perfect is it, right?!


I love decorations and perusing the options on Pinterest totally made me want to really plan a full-fledged vampire party. We’ll likely end up doing a mini hybrid of some of these ideas, but they were so amazing,I had to share. (Click on the images for their Pinterest links.)





Check out my inspiration board on Pinterest. I love Pinterest. Not on it yet? Do it. But beware of the time-suck you’re about to enter. (It’s so good, it’s bad!)

I’ve got a few other ideas up my sleeve (got to keep those guests guessing!) so check back for photos soon… hopefully next week. And make sure you tune in and catch our favorite vampires on HBO on Sunday evening!!

2 thoughts on “{Gone Pinning} True Blood finale

  1. I’m partial to the garlic wreath. That could come in quite handy both for keeping the vamps away (not sure about True Blood, but that’s Twilight talk – Go Team Jacob!) and for your culinary adventures. I’m sure the accountant hubby would approve.

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