{Wine Wednesday} Pear, prosciutto and asiago pasta


2013-9-18 WineWithout further ado, here is tonight’s dinner: pear, prosciutto and asiago pasta, paired with this bottle of ‘the ghost in the machine’ riesling.

This combination is one of our favorites and when this time of year rolls around we’ll pick up a few pears, make some pasta and go to town. In the past we’ve blended up all of the ingredients and made raviolis (recipe here).

Instead of raviolis this time, we opted for a deconstructed version with a browned butter, shallot and pear sauce with prosciutto and homemade fettuccine, topped with some grated rosemary asiago cheese.

I browned the shallots and butter first (separately) and then added the diced Bartlett pears and diced prosciutto and let them cook down just a tad. I used to add prosciutto at the beginning of all dishes, with the garlic and onions, but then Brandon showed me his preferred way and I started instead adding it just before serving, sometimes waiting until the heat is turned off and using the heat from the dish to warm it up just a bit.

Man was this good! All of the flavors complimented one another so well and I love almost anything with homemade pasta. Try this for yourself and enjoy!



One thought on “{Wine Wednesday} Pear, prosciutto and asiago pasta

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