{Gone Pinning} Crocktober


HustlinDid you know it was “Crocktober”? Neither did I…until I arrived at QFC and saw the signs in the meat section! And here we were celebrating without even knowing about it! We’ve had several great crock pot meals this month (pot roast x2, corned beef x2) and “Crocktober” is a reason to get even more crock pot meals on the menu. We’re still eating leftovers from last weekend’s big party (think hot turkey sandwiches and French dip sandwiches…we didn’t even touch a whole Costco-sized package of meat!) but come next week, we’re hittin’ up the crock pot.

What will we be enjoying? Let’s go to Pinterest and see what looks tasty! Check out all of the potentially-delicious recipes that would apply for “Crocktober” on my “Crock Pottin'” board on Pinterest.

Cashew Chicken. So good lookin' that I pinned it twice... Ooops.

Cashew Chicken. So good lookin’ that I pinned it twice… Ooops.

French onion soup. LOVE!

French onion soup. LOVE!



Pork tenderloin in the crock pot... delicious looking!!

Pork tenderloin in the crock pot… delicious looking!!

Happy Crocktober… at least the last 12 days of Crocktober that’s left…

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