Halloween dinner


We celebrated Halloween a bit early this year, so I could share this delicious post with you in honor of “the big day.”

This recipe doesn’t have a spooky name (although I’m open to suggestions!) but it looks pretty eerie.

Spooky Halloween Pasta | Megan's Island Blog

We love making pasta from scratch and used our favorite pasta recipe with a packet of squid ink that we purchased from Big John’s PFI awhile back, two packets for $2.50. There was a 2011 date on the package and Brandon was able to read (in Spanish) that the ink was good for four years beyond that date. So, we tried it.

Spooky Halloween Pasta with squid ink | Megan's Island Blog

We mixed the ink into the eggs and then mixed that in with the flour and salt. Then we mixed and mixed and mixed with the Kitchen Aid. We didn’t get the look we were hoping for (solid black) and instead ended up with a speckled/cookies ‘n cream coloring. Don’t get me wrong, it looked plenty spooky.

Spooky handmade Halloween squid ink pasta | Megan's Island Blog

Being the students that we are, we wanted to know what we did wrong, so we did some Google-ing  to find some answers. It turns out that we were totally on the right track, but we skimped on the ink. Most of the recipes we found used at least three tablespoons of ink. We used the equivalent of 1/2 teaspoon.

While we [Brandon] were making the pasta, we [Me] made the sauce. It’s my favorite spaghetti sauce, which is totally easy. Here it is, in a nutshell: one onion, chopped, sauteed with one package of Italian sausage flavored ground turkey, one tablespoon of minced garlic, a few sliced mushrooms, two cans of diced tomatoes with their juice, some balsamic vinegar and dried herbs. Voila! Delicious sauce.

Don’t worry. We also had my favorite kale salad and the Ghost Pines wine I mentioned in yesterday’s post. Combined? Everything was amazing. Happy Halloween to us! And to you, of course.

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