{Wine Wednesday} Robert Ramsay Cellars: Counoise


2011 Robert Ramsay Counoise

2011 Robert Ramsay Counoise

A few years ago we bought a Living Social deal for tasting and a bottle of wine at a winery called Robert Ramsay Cellars near some of our favorite wineries in Woodinville. We bought it knowing we’d be in the area before it expired and we always enjoy trying a new winery. At that time Robert Ramsay was only making Rhone-style reds and we fell in love with most of their wines, especially the Mourvedre, a peppery, smooth and spicy wine blend.

We’ve visited Robert Ramsay nearly every time we go to Woodinville and we finally bit the bullet and joined their wine club after tasting their newest release: the 2011 Counoise and the 2011 Le Mien.

I preferred the Counoise and Brandon liked the Le Mien. Perfect since we got both bottles with our new wine club membership. Later tonight we’ll be drinking the Counoise with this gnocchi with turkey, squash and kale.

Here are the tasting notes for the Counoise. Looks like we’ll have to get another bottle or two to enjoy with a filet mignon:

With the grill fired up and the first glass accompanying the chef, you experience smells reminiscent of Syrah, deep, dark and musty. A taste of star anise confirms your thoughts but is followed by a meaty and chewy mouth feel, a thickness to go with your filet mignon and a peppery tone suggests the blending of Mourvedre into the mix. Has Bob combined a powerhouse of Syrah and Mourvedre together you ask? No. Counoise transcends them both and your steak has found the perfect partner. If you didn’t buy a second bottle, you may be disappointed.

Never heard of Counoise? The Rhone Rangers have more information about the grape itself:

Counoise may be an obscure grape in the United States, but it is a key component of many Châteauneuf-du-Pape wines. It is a deep purple-red, and has a rich spicy character, with flavors of anise, strawberries and blueberries. Counoise’s moderate alcohol and tannins make it a good complement for Syrah, balancing that grape’s characteristic intense spice, strong tannins and high alcohol.

Have you been to Robert Ramsay Cellars before? Next time you’re in the warehouse district of Woodinville, you should definitely check them out and let me know what your favorite wines are. Happy Wine Wednesday!

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