2015 resolutions

Up until a few days ago, I hadn’t given my 2015 resolutions much thought. I was too busy enjoying the holidays, trying my hand at new desserts, and snuggling the cats, catching up on TV.

But now we’ve packed up Christmas and vacuumed away all traces of the tree, and it’s time to be thinking about the next 300+ days and my goals.

So, here we go.

Do more. With a full and part-time job and this flourishing little blog, you might think this seems silly, but hear me out. I want to be more in the present. Be a little more flexible with my schedule and be up for those impromptu happy hours, casual dinners or TV show watching parties.

Walk more. Along with all of these things, I’ve upped my daily step goal (I love my Fit Bit!) to 11,000 steps daily (unless I work out at barre or with Tracy Anderson in my living room). I started this at the beginning of the month and I’ve done quite well.

Drink more. I saw an interview that Gabrielle Union gave recently, where she mentioned that her beauty secret is drinking a gallon of water each day. I’ve been doing a good job at increasing my water intake, but I also read that a gallon is unrealistic. I’m also going to focus quality over quantity with my booze drinking. We are in four wine clubs now and our wine cellar is bursting at the seams. Rather than wait for a special event to uncork our “expensive” bottles, we’re going to celebrate the ordinary and open them whenever we feel like it. Maybe tonight!

Eat more. Every year we end up with a new approach to food (2014, 2013, 2012) and 2015 is no different. This year I’m pairing my love of the library with our meals and trying out a new cookbook each week. We tried out Pure Flavor last week and started Dishing up Washington today, with the RN 74 beef bourguignon and tonight we’ll make the Hot Cakes s’more chocolate chip cookies. We’re going to try and cook around three recipes from each book. Along with cookbooks from the library, we also have many cookbooks at home that will get more exposure in the kitchen. Hopefully we discover some new recipes and have some fun!

Be more. I found this on Pinterest and thought it pretty much summed up my hopes and dreams for 2015. Lofty yet manageable, still pretty lighthearted and with an emphasis on the things I like: creativity and adventure.

2015 resolutions


Cheers to 2015!

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