{2015} S’more Day

Guess what today is? NATIONAL S’MORE DAY!

Mallow Bits

Mallow Bits

This kid has given me an incredible sweet tooth and that sweet tooth has a sweet spot for s’mores. I’ve always been interested in the combination of marshmallow, chocolate and graham cracker but it’s been kicked up a notch the past few months.

If the weather cooperates, I’ll be making {another} batch of s’more chocolate chip cookies. Perhaps you’ll join me?

It’s quite easy: take your favorite chocolate chip cookie –or any cookie really — recipe (some suggestions here), add some of mini marshmallows or these “Mallow Bits” I found at Target, some crumbled graham crackers, and voila! S’MORE COOKIES.

The s'more cookies I made for a potluck last week.

The s’more cookies I made for a potluck last week.

Here are some other ways you can celebrate:

Want to celebrate with others? 
Celebrate S’Mores Day at Theo Chocolate, taking place on August 10 and 11 from noon to 5 p.m. at their factory in Fremont. Delicious homemade marshmallows and graham crackers combined with tasty Theo Chocolate makes for a very special treat.

Best part? $1 of every s’more goes to Food Lifeline and stopping hunger in Western Washington.

S'mores for TWO days at Theo!

S’mores for TWO days at Theo!

Want to celebrate with yourself? I have some ideas for you:
S’more bark
A triple chocolate s'more bark, perhaps?  

A triple chocolate s’more bark, perhaps?

S’more pizza

I love pizza. S'more + pizza = Sounds amazing!  

I love pizza. S’more + pizza = Sounds amazing!

S’more lasagna 

S'more lasagna? Yes, please.

S’more lasagna? Yes, please.

And some recipes for the full year? Thanks, Country Living! 

S'more recipes for the whole year... 

S’more recipes for the whole year…

I hope you have a very enjoyable s’more day! I know I will!

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