Hello, Fran’s Chocolates!

For Brandon’s birthday I gave him a chocolate tour of Seattle, led by yours truly. We haven’t had a chance to fully fulfill the tour, but he got a sneak peak of it a few weeks ago when we attended the grand opening of Fran’s Chocolates new space in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle.

My friend’s fiancé is an architect who designed the outside of the space. They tipped us off to the grand opening event. Thank you, S&J!

The new Fran's in Georgetown

The new Fran’s in Georgetown

Once we got inside, it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. It was classy and lovely and smelled deliciously of chocolate. I guess I was expecting more of a Willy Wonka type factory.

Inside Fran's

Inside Fran’s

I’m looking forward to returning to Fran’s during official business hours and seeing the production line in action…and eating more of these!!

Milk chocolate sea salt caramels...One of my favorites!

Milk chocolate sea salt caramels…One of my favorites!

Visit Fran’s for yourself. All the information you’ll need can be found here: https://www.franschocolates.com/

(No, Fran’s didn’t pay for me to be there or for me to write this post. They did give me multiple samples of chocolates and caramels and didn’t judge me when I went back for seconds. Thanks, Fran’s!)

The chocolate samplers

Tasting chocolate is a tough job, but some’s got to do it!