Mint Meal 4: Steamed Mussels with Cardamom, Orange and Mint

ACK!  I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted!  I’m officially a week behind.  (Only in posting, not in cooking and enjoying…)

For our fourth and final mint meal, we made Steamed Mussels with Cardamom, Orange and Mint from Cooking Light.  Man, it was good.  We enjoyed the mussels with a baguette and some steamed asparagus.

Brandon and I love to visit the Pike Place Market on the weekends and this past weekend we stopped in at Pike Place Fish and MarketSpice for ingredients for this meal.  Brandon picked up the mussels while I picked out the cardamom.  I didn’t realize there were options for cardamom– pods, seeds, ground– and of course didn’t write down which one we needed.  So, I bought a little of each!  Cardamom is a new spice to me and it’s quite good– and quite expensive.  I have plenty of extra, so expect it to reappear in a few weeks as one of our new ingredients.

I highly recommend this recipe and mint as a very versatile, delicious and healthy (maybe?) ingredient to use in your cooking!  ENJOY!!

Mint Meal 4: Mussels

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