I’ve got Midas-itis

This is my navy owl. He needs a name.

This is my navy owl. He needs a name.

Hi. My name is Megan and I’m addicted to spray painting.

It’s a new-ish addiction of mine and I just can’t stop! I started with this owl I found on clearance at Target (the color doesn’t look that bad online, but in ‘real life,’ it wasn’t good). So, I made him navy! He’s been on the dining and living room tables and now he lives on the wine cabinet with three glassybabies. (Have I mentioned my glassybaby addiction yet? I have one of those too. Lucky for me they’re a Seattle company and have ‘second sales’ of their slightly imperfect models a couple times each year.)

From Pinterest. Our vote? FAIL.

From Pinterest. Our vote? FAIL.

I quickly jumped from navy spray paint to purple and tried out this pin from my new Pinterest lifestyle challenge.  We’re in the middle of the seemingly-never-ending process of painting our house, so I decided to paint this mat purple, similar to the color-to-be of our front door. We tried it for a few weeks and this pin goes in the FAIL category. After a few weeks of the purple door mat, the paint wore away and I repainted the mat with a hammered black spray paint. The black seems to be holding up and I like the metallic hammered sheen.

Purple turned black. Pinterest FAIL.

Purple turned black. Pinterest FAIL.

The new and improved hammered, metallic black welcome mat.

The new and improved hammered, metallic black welcome mat.

Since I’ve been spending so much time in the spray paint aisle at Home Depot, a new color/style of spray paint caught my eye: metallic gold. I had high hopes when I bought this spray paint and it hasn’t let me down! I have spray painted the following in the past week: a glass shell, a mason jar, two plastic dinosaurs and a glass vase and picture frame today for next weekend’s Oscar party. Like I said, I may have a problem. In search of the Oscar party supplies today, I even wrote “things to paint gold” on my list for the Goodwill. Brandon saw the list and called me out, don’t worry. Gold photos will be forthcoming! 

As I went out to spray paint the latest items this evening and as I was walking out, Brandon coined my ‘addiction’ as Midas-itis. So, do you have Midas-itis too? Are you into spray painting? I’d love to hear about it.

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