Long weekend list making…

With our home to-do list swirling around my head in anticipation of the long weekend, I’ve got lots and lots to think about. The weather reports are undecided on whether its going to rain or not, so I have ideas of both indoor and outdoor projects.

Weather dependent, our grand weekend plans will hopefully include:

  • Buy all of the components for the pizza oven (just in case it doesn’t rain!)
  • Build the pizza oven base and secure the steel sheet
  • Repair (re-do) the step under the new stairs in the backyard (concrete blocks and bricks)
  • Put up the bistro lights (!!!)
  • Cut the wine barrels in half (If it works: stain and remove rust and figure out what to plant)
  • Take a trip to the dump, if there is time
  • Paint the new trim in the living room, touch up the wall paint
  • Paint the new bathroom baseboards
  • Caulk the hallway siding
  • Paint the ceiling patch in the hallway
  • Put the extra hardy board siding on Craigslist/take it to the dump
  • Buy some Copper River salmon and cedar plank it on the grill. (YUM! One of my favorite culinary times of the year!)

What do you think? Think we’ll have enough to do over the long weekend?!

One thought on “Long weekend list making…

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