{Wine Wednesday} Custom wine glasses

More wine crafts! (Two of my favorite things: crafting and wine!)

Wine Wednesday custom wine glasses

Wine Wednesday custom wine glasses

My sister got married last fall and as I was planning her wine tasting bachelorette party, I came across some great ideas for the party, including these custom wineglasses.

Besides being the easiest things ever to make, these have unlimited options for customization. I’m thinking it would be so fun to make some bright pink ones for another bachelorette party or some gilded ones for the holidays and New Year’s Eve. I also have some small juice glasses that I was going to use for tea lights at my wedding that I’d like to customize for parties — now just to choose which parties and colors!


These custom glasses can be created in just a few simple steps:

  1. Gather your supplies: the glasses you plan on painting, painters tape, primer spray paint, a can of your favorite color of spray paint (I used chalkboard this time).
  2. Wash the glasses thoroughly and tape off the area you’d like to spray paint. I used 1″ wide painters tape and taped 1/2″ or so above the base of the glass.
  3. Once all of the glasses are taped, use the primer spray paint to thoroughly coat the area you want to paint. Wait several hours, as dictated by the brand you’re using.
  4. Next, repeat step three with the spray paint color of your choice. Keep your spray even and about 6″ away from the glass. Let it dry for 24 hours or so on top of some wax paper in a box. I didn’t have to paint the bottom of the glasses, but it you do, that should be a fourth step with similar spraying and drying guidelines.

I’d recommend buying your glassware at Ross,  Marshall’s, TJ Maxx or HomeGoods. You can probably find them for $1 or less.

Try to customize your own glassware and report back on the colors you’ve chosen and the success of your work! I’ll do the same and check back soon! Happy Wine Wednesday!!

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