{WINE WEDNESDAY} Davenport Cellar’s Spring Release


As you know, Brandon and I love our wine. We discovered Davenport Cellars a few years ago at a wine tasting event at the Woodland Park Zoo, after trying (and loving) their R.H.D. red blend. Based on the R.H.D., we knew that we needed to visit their tasting room in Woodinville. So? We did. As it turns out, Jeff and Sheila Jirka can’t make a bad bottle of wine. And they keep proving it.

Every time we’re in Woodinville we stop by to see the Jirkas and taste their delicious wines. They recently started a wine club and we signed up without hesitation. We signed up for the three bottle allocation and we always get a few extra bottles. It’s just so good.

Davenport released their spring wines last week and Brandon and I ventured across the water to sample them at the release party. Our report? We loved ’em! The whole evening was great. Great food, great people and great wine!

Davenport Cellars spring release

Davenport Cellars spring release

Their new wines include: Sauvignon Blanc, Snowflake (a new vintage of their Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon blend), Rose de Cabernet Franc, Orange Muscat and Meritage Blanc. More on the specific wines here.

We couldn’t wait to enjoy the new wines, so we didn’t! After a long day of working in the yard on Saturday, we chilled a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and enjoyed it with some Copper River salmon for dinner with my parents on the patio. They paired perfectly together!

Last week was a big week for our friends at Davenport Cellars. Along with their spring release, Davenport Cellars won big at the Seattle Wine Awards! Their 2009 Continuity (Brandon’s favorite, along with the Cabernet Franc) and 2009 Merlot (we haven’t had this one yet! It’s aging in our cellar) both received Double Gold Medals, and the 2009 R.H.D. (still my favorite!) received a Gold. Boy do we know how to pick wineries!

Next time you find yourself in Woodinville, definitely stop by Davenport Cellars and sample all of their wines — reds and whites!

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