Long weekend success!

Last week I detailed my very ambitious plans for the long Memorial Day weekend. The weather didn’t really cooperate and most projects took longer than I expected, but all in all, I’m quite proud of all of the work we did.

Our ambitious original list: (Updates/commentary in bold)

  • Buy all of the components for the pizza oven (just in case it doesn’t rain!) <– We hope to finish the design this week and look at sourcing our bricks and insulation boards and blankets (Who knew, right!?)
  • Build the pizza oven base and secure the steel sheet <– Way easier than we expected. Just heavy. (And even then, it was mainly Brandon!) 
  • Repair (re-do) the step under the new stairs in the backyard (concrete blocks and bricks) <– I think I have most of the necessary project components, but ran out of time — I blame the old cement and rebar that we spent an hour trying unsuccessfully to dig out.
  • Put up the bistro lights (!!!)  <– LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Let the patio parties commence! 
  • Cut the wine barrels in half (If it works: stain and remove rust and figure out what to plant) <– Major success on this one. HOWEVER, it took WAY longer than I expected it to. I’m excited to start on the tutorial and share it with my faithful readers, likely in next week’s Wine Wednesday post. Check back on June 5.
  • Take a trip to the dump, if there is time  
  • Paint the new trim in the living room, touch up the wall paint <– I had too much fun celebrating birthdays and visiting with family. I’ll get to it one of these days… 
  • Paint the new bathroom baseboards <– Ditto
  • Caulk the hallway siding <– Ditto
  • Paint the ceiling patch in the hallway <– Ditto
  • Put the extra hardy board siding on Craigslist/take it to the dump <– Dump run!
  • Buy some Copper River salmon and cedar plank it on the grill. (YUM! One of my favorite culinary times of the year!) <– We shared the deliciousness on Sunday’s Long Weekend Progress Report post

And now? I’m exhausted. I need a weekend from my weekend. Time to relax on the couch with the cats.

I’ll leave you with the latest from Megan’s Island: our backyard! At least all this rain is good for something! Most of those plants were planted in the last month!


Hello, gorgeous. I love our backyard!

Have a great week!

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