{Wine Wednesday} Wine + popcorn


These are a few of my favorite things: wine and popcorn. Imagine my surprise when my dear friend sent this article to me: “Entrepreneurs launch popcorn infused with wine” from the Daily Mail.

Pinot Noir Chocolate Drizzle and Sauvignon Blanc Kettle wine popcorn

Pinot Noir Chocolate Drizzle and Sauvignon Blanc Kettle wine popcorn

From the article: ‘The lemony Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc Lemon is bright and zesty, bursting with flavour and pairing beautifully with the wine, while the indulgent Kim Crawford Pinot Noir Chocolate Drizzle uses the classic pairing of wine with chocolate to harness the wine’s flavours into an indulgent treat.”

A one-gallon tin retails at $35, which is a little rich for my blood. I looked on Pinterest for directions to make wine popcorn myself, and unfortunately my search came up with nothing. I think I’ll stick to making my own popcorn and pairing it with wine, rather than eating a combination of the two.

Speaking of popcorn, do you pop your own? We do. Brandon and I got this stove-top popcorn popper for our wedding and we LOVE it. If you love popcorn, you definitely need this! Along with some white truffle oil sea salt, our favorite toppings. A popper like this makes popping popcorn really fun,  is healthier, saves money in the long run, and allows you make the fun flavors you want.  When was the last time that you saw truffle popcorn in a microwave pack?

Happy Wine Wednesday! Celebrate with some popcorn and wine — paired!

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