{Wine Wednesday} Wine…for cats!


This made the news a few weeks ago, but I wanted to make sure you saw it: cats can finally join in on the Wine Wednesday fun with Pussy/Nyan Nyan Nouveau. A wine for cats!! 

Pussy Nouveau Cat Wine

Pussy Nouveau Cat Wine

There is now a non-alcoholic beverage made from the juice of Cabernet franc grapes, vitamin C and catnip, and intended “exclusively for cats.” Presumably, pets will only be able to drink the product with their owners’ purrmission. Get it? It’s a cat joke!

It’s currently only available in Japan, but Pussy/Nyan Nyan Nouveau is very inexpensive (~$4/bottle)  and could be quite a hit with my cats. What do you think? Would your cats like to enjoy a glass or two of wine with you?

Here are my two gatos, ready and patiently waiting to get their paws on some cat wine! Happy Wine Wednesday!!

Jack the Cat | Megan's Island Blog

Jackson of Megan’s Island

Madison | Megan's Island Blog

Madison of Megan’s Island


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