{Wine Wednesday} NOLA cocktails


It’s Wine Wednesday again and things have slowed down enough that I’ve had time to write about it! (FINALLY.) I’m still working on my post about my recent excursion to New Orleans and as I work on it, I thought I’d share some of my favorite NOLA cocktails with you…along with some recipes!

Pimm's Cup. Delicious.

Pimm’s Cup. Delicious.

Pimm’s Cup

I had quite a few of these on my long weekend (including my first and last drinks of the weekend) and each one was just different enough and all were refreshingly delicious. Here are the ingredients: Pimm’s liqueur, fresh lime juice, and ginger beer, with a cucumber. There are a ton of recipes out there, and I’d recommend getting those ingredients and getting to work. You really can’t go wrong. If you’re visiting New Orleans, definitely stop by the St. Lawrence bar for a Pimm’s daiquiri. It’s SO GOOD. It’s like a Slurpee but with booze. And if you’re in New Orleans and looking for ginger beer, visit the 12 Mile Limit and enjoy my friend Sam’s homemade ginger beer. I haven’t had the pleasure, but he speaks very highly of it and he’s pretty modest.

Here are some links to what I expect are fabulous Pimm’s Cup recipes. When in doubt, or if you’re being lazy, mix or pick up some lemonade and add some Pimm’s and ice. It’s easy and delicious and how I drank Pimm’s before I visited NOLA.

The Sazerac. Yes, please.

The Sazerac. Yes, please.


I used to think that Sazerac was a bar in Seattle with a really good happy hour. Turns out its an absinthe drink that originated in New Orleans and according to Wikipedia is “sometimes referred to as the oldest known American cocktail, with origins in pre-Civil War New Orleans.”

The Sazerac is a combination of cognac or rye whiskey, absinthe, and bitters; it is “distinguished by its preparation method.” (Wikipedia)

Thank you to my friend Brian for introducing me to the Sazerac’s history and enjoying several with me over the weekend!

When I wasn’t drinking Pimm’s Cups or Sazeracs, I was busy imbibing in Hurricane’s, Fireball and red wine (my favorite!). What a weekend!

Hurricanes at Pat O'Brien's with my cousins

Hurricanes at Pat O’Brien’s with my cousins

Fireball time with Jessi and Brian

Fireball time with Jessi and Brian

Here are most of my ladies at the wedding. Such a fun weekend!!

Here are most of my ladies at the wedding. Such a fun weekend!!

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