Yes, I supported the Broncos.

Still love 'em. Denver Broncos

Still love ’em. Denver Broncos

Yes, I love Seattle. Yes, I live in Seattle (for the most part). Yes, I work for the City of Seattle. No, Paul Allen doesn’t sign my paycheck. And, yes, I did it: I cheered for the Broncos.

Don’t get me wrong, this has been a very exciting time for Seattle. We finally have a Super Bowl win under our belts and leading up to it, everyone — seriously everyone — was behind the Seahawks. More power to them. My Facebook feed is blowing up with “12th man” photos and posts, even the Director of the County’s Public Health Department posted a photo with a Hawks sign. There are 12 flags flying everywhere. Boeing even painted a plane for them. And seriously 2/3 of my Facebook friends (or at least the ones who Facebook puts in my specific algorithm) are in New York/Jersey for the game.

I’m a Bronco’s fan by association. Brandon was born in Denver and attended his first Bronco game en utero. He’s been to many Bronco games since and follows them religiously. Our wedding was even a tribute to the Broncos, with an orange and navy color scheme. (My decision, but he did love it.)

Go Broncos! (side 1)

Go Broncos! (side 1)

I was busy this past week getting ready for Sunday, and we had several people over for a Bronco party. We even had Skittles in honor of the opponents. We also had the best post roast sliders ever (on pretzel rolls!), a veggie tray, macaroni salad, potato salad, rice krispie treats and lots of beer and wine. Basically, a fantastic Sunday.


Go Broncos! (side 2)

Go Broncos! (side 2)


Still love 'em. Denver Broncos

Still love ’em. Denver Broncos

Sadly, it wasn’t much of a game. I’m a pretty mediocre fan, but because of Brandon’s fanatic status, I know more than most pseudo fans do. And that game was shit. It looked a lot like the pre-season game with against the Seahawks, a game in which Peyton Manning played for less than a quarter. I don’t think the Broncos even showed up. And worse, I couldn’t even really enjoy the commercials. Rather, the advertisers didn’t really show up either. I did enjoy the Budweiser ad with the puppy and the Clydesdales and it turns out Coca-Cola is a far better company overall than Pepsi, at least according to their ads.

Next season is another one and we’ll be cheering on the Broncos from our spot on Megan’s Island. In fact, Brandon will likely be cheering on the Broncos in a Super Bowl XLVIII re-match in Seattle next year.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to all of the upcoming Seahawk celebrations (riots, parades, etc.) and moving on to new sporting seasons. It’s been fun, but you know.

Happy Monday to you!

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