Adventures in barre

The Dailey Method Barre Studio

The Dailey Method Barre Studio

The other night I was driving home from the park and ride and I spotted a new business on Megan’s Island: the Dailey Method barre studio. I did some research when I got home and discovered they have been open a few short weeks and were offering a tremendously amazing grand opening special. (The special runs through Feb. 15. Get your deal and join me!)

I have so many friends who love barre method and swear by it. I’ve been interested to try it, but the cost (typically $20 per class) and locations (not Mercer Island or close to my work) have deterred me… until now! The grand opening special was six weeks of unlimited classes for $100.

I went to my first class on Saturday and I had a pretty good run before coming down with the plague. I was terribly sore, but I kept going back, so that’s good, right? On the plus side, I’ve found muscles that I didn’t know existed and everything seems to be firming up. (I’m sure a lot of it is the work out itself, but I also give credit to actually working out so frequently.)

I’m planning on doing “bar-ray” (as Brandon calls it) very regularly for the next six weeks (minus the past 3 days when I’ve barely left my couch infirmary). Depending on the results, I may continue the bar-ray. If not, this will be a nice little jump start to my at-home workouts. I’ve taken “before” photos and plan on showing them off, once there is something to show off. Until then, I’ll keep you updated on the fun things I’m learning throughout this six week process. This is what I’ve got so far:

  1. They weren’t joking about those see-through Lululemon workout pants. Wowza.
  2. Turns out not everyone got the memo about their sheer qualities. (I’m looking at you, Ms. Downward Dog in front of me…)
  3. There are about 1 million uses for those karate belt/strap things.
  4. Saving your neck from strain is one of them. I’ll be using the strap a bit more today.
  5. It takes a completely frozen water bottle one hour in a warm room to start to thaw. (Not to self: remember thawed water bottle next time)
  6. Being sore is a state of being.

I’m really looking forward to getting well and jumping back on the bar-ray bandwagon.

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