Spring to-do list

The combination of multiple 70+ degree days and record-breaking rain has done a very positive number on our garden. We’ve been maintaining everything pretty well and over the weekend I spent some time cleaning up and taking inventory of what’s next on the to do list. In honor of my favorite Young House Love bloggers, my very own Listy McListerson…

Needed: More moss ground cover

Needed: More moss ground cover

Front yard

  • Clean, stain and seal our bench in the front courtyard
  • Clean and stain fence
  • Drill drainage holes in the front retaining wall
  • Exchange busted walkway lighting for ones that work (Thanks, Lowe’s. Not.)
  • Get a new hose (Maybe one of those shrink-until-they’re-full-of-water fabric hoses?)
  • Import more moss for ground cover
  • Even out the concrete slabs
  • Think about replanting the plants along the walkway
  • Fix light above garage
  • New front door mat (Our Pinterest project gone wrong isn’t cutting it anymore…)

Side yard

  • Remove grass and weeds
  • Build and plant raised beds (It’s time to grow our own kale… and tomatoes, squash, and raspberries, among others…)
  • Drill drainage holes in the wine barrel planters (side and back yards)
Side yard: before

Side yard: before

Back yard

We're so close to finishing our pizza oven!

We’re so close to finishing our pizza oven!

  • Pizza oven! Pizza oven! Pizza oven! We’re so close to getting it done and will this spring!
  • Make a wine barrel cocktail table (on wheels, with a plexiglass tabletop) for the deck
  • Build lower deck bench seat (Ideas here)
  • Have landscaper out to trim the hedges, get rid of the blackberry on the tree

Just a small little list, right? I’m not promising that this is all going to get done this year, but now that I have a list I’ll have more direction for how to proceed. We have a three-day weekend coming up soon. Maybe we’ll tackle this list then.

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