Thanksgiving appetizers

Sorry for the lack of posts this past week– I caught the crud that seems to be going around and it settled in for awhile. I hope I start feeling better soon! I’d like to be close to 100% for Thanksgiving and my annual Black Friday shop-a-thon.

My Thanksgiving vegetable tray turned out so well last year, my parents have asked me to bring an appetizer again this year for our festivities.

Thanksgiving vegetable tray | Megan's Island Blog

Thanksgiving vegetable tray | Megan’s Island Blog

I’ve scoured the internet (twist my arm!) and found some great new ideas. I won’t have a photo until Thursday, when I actually build the thing, but I’ve decided to take last year’s veggie tray and add olives, cheeses, and cured meats and make it a full-on antipasti platter, shaped as a turkey! Genius, right? And surprisingly, it doesn’t really exist on the internet. There is a first time for everything!

If turkey-shaped veggie and antipasti platters aren’t your thing, here are some other great ideas for Thanksgiving appetizers. I hope you have a great {short!} week!

Turkey cheese and cracker platter

Turkey cheese and cracker platter

Prosciutto cups 

Prosciutto cups with pear

Baked brie with cranberries and pistachios

Baked brie with cranberries and pistachios

Cranberry baked brie bites

Cranberry baked brie bites

Happy Thanksgiving week!

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