Meeting Jen Lancaster

Two Fridays ago I had the honor of meeting my favorite author, Jen Lancaster, in real life!

Geeking out before the main event!

Geeking out before the main event!

Seattle lucked out and Jen was in town as one of the many stops on the tour of her new book “I regret nothing.” We haven’t been so lucky in previous years with her previous tours and I’m glad this was our year.

Jen on the cover and in real life! Check out that priority signing ticket!!

Jen on the cover and in real life! Check out that priority signing ticket!!

My dear friend Megan and I are big fans, so we pre-ordered the books and arrived at the University Bookstore extra early. We scored front row seats to the action and watched as Jen was interviewed by Seattle Times’ columnist  Nicole Brodeur. They covered all sorts of topics — Which book is Jen’s favorite? Where does she find inspiration for her writing? How did she tear her Achilles tendon? — Jen read a passage from the book — about her visit to to Italy and the ordeal of finding espresso — and she even pulled a couple of the audience “bucket list” items and commented on them. Sadly, one of my six (or so) submissions didn’t get pulled. I was really hoping she’d read the one about her: “Go out for a drink with my favorite author.” Alas, she didn’t. Instead, Megan and I went to dinner afterward.

Chatting away!

Chatting away!

After the hour or so conversation, Megan and I hustled and ended up being in the very front of the autograph line! We spoke with Jen like we were best friends. I gave her a blog card and it’s possible that she’s even reading this post RIGHT NOW! ACK!!! There is also a chance that she sees hundreds of crazy fans each night on her book tours and filed my blog card in the trash. I’ll stick to the wishful thinking though, that she’ll follow this blog and will be in touch next time she’s in Seattle for longer than a few hours!

New BFFs!!

New BFFs!!

I haven’t had a chance to start the book yet, since once I do, I know I won’t be able to put it down! I’d highly recommend picking up or checking out one of Jen’s books. My favorites include: The Tao of Martha and Such a Pretty Fat. Her fiction books are good too. Not as good as her non-fiction, but definitely enjoyable, relatively quick reads!

Jen and the Megan's

Jen and the Megan’s

Have a great week!

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