{Wine Wednesday} 2011 Klinker Brick Zinfandel


This rainy {Wine Wednesday}, I’m taking a look back to Monday and remembering the 70 degree temperatures and the glasses of wine that Brandon and I enjoyed on the deck.

2011 Klinker Brick Zin

2011 Klinker Brick Zin

We opted for the 2011 Klinker Brick Zinfandel, a favorite and a recommendation of some dear friends of ours. And? It didn’t disappoint!

I found these tasting notes on the wine from Cliff’s Wine Picks:

The wine is a deep, dark maroon color. The big and bold nose has brambly berries, roasted herbs, warm baking spices, road tar, dark bittersweet chocolate and vanilla bean. This has a very full body with moderate tannins and decent acidity. This is a rich and jammy style of zinfandel with spicy berries and chocolate up front with more spice and vanilla coming in on the back end. The finish gets a touch muddled as the body and alcohol over powers the acidity that was trying to hold everything together. This was better as an after dinner drink where it shined. Not a lot of subtlety here. Those who like a big and ripe wine will love it. (88 pts)

We enjoyed our wine with kalbi steak and spinach salads (it’s salad week!) and it paired quite nicely. It was also pretty good by itself, before and after dinner.  At $19 per bottle, this is a full-bodied, delicious, affordable wine that I’d suggest you add to your everyday wine stash.

Enjoy and happy Wine Wednesday!

My favorite wine drinking location: my deck!

My favorite wine drinking location: my deck!

Sunset on Megan's Island

Sunset on Megan’s Island

{Wine Wednesday} Somm and Zin


Two VintnersThink you’ve seen this post before? Think again. After I wrote the first part of this post last Tuesday, I promptly dozed off and hit “publish” instead of “save draft” and if you get emails from the blog, you probably saw a bit of an ‘in process’ post. I encourage you to keep reading. I promise this version will be better.

Now, down to business… This Wine Wednesday I’m offering a review of the documentary Somm and the 2011 Two Vintners Zinfandel. (Highly potent, hence my premature post last week…)


Somm, the movie

We’ll start with the movie.

From IMDB:

Somm is the story of four sommeliers as they attempt to pass the prestigious Master Sommelier exam, a test with one of the lowest pass rates in the world.

Brandon and I rented the movie from the library (love the library) and were pretty impressed by it. I have a couple of friends who are going through the beginning steps of the sommelier process and this provided some insight into what they’re doing, but it really goes above and beyond their experiences.

You get to really know the four Master Sommelier candidates over the course of the film and its as though you’re right there with them, drinking and soaking in all of the wine information they know. It absolutely made me want to learn more about wine, and I think I’ll start reading the “Wine (All in one) for Dummies” book I’ve got on the shelf. I think that will be a wonderful summer beach read… it’s just 671 pages. I’m sure I’ll make it through that in a weekend. I’ll give you the review once I finish it.

As for the Zin, it was good, but not as good as I remember the 2010 Zin to be. The 2011 Two Vintners Zinfandel is potent too, with a 16.7% alcohol content. Unfortunately, I don’t remember much more about the wine and I don’t even have the bottle anymore. I’ll head back to Two Vintners soon to redeem myself and my wine reviewing skillz.

Until then, crack open a bottle for yourself and truly enjoy Wine Wednesday!