{Gone pinning} Damn fruit flies


2013-9-6 FF‘Tis the season for bugs: mainly spiders but also fruit flies. As a regular reader, you’re familiar with our love of wine. Well, we’re apparently not the only ones in this house who love wine. (No, the cats don’t drink. They’re too young…) The fruit flies also love our wine and tonight it reached a breaking point and we took our problem to Pinterest.

Anyway, Pinterest had some great ideas for us. We chose a pretty easy one with ingredients that we had on-hand. It was 9:30 p.m. on a Friday night… We opted for the “shot glass traps of apple cider vinegar and a teaspoon of dish soap.” AND… it worked!

Please note: we don’t normally have a lot of fruit flies. I’m attributing this surge in fruit flies to the overripe bunch of bananas in the fruit bowl and the unusually humid weather. We’re not dirty people. (Brandon says and he’s always right…)

We still have the note cards (extra two-year old wedding invitations) draped over the glasses to protect our wine and there are still fruit flies overhead, but I’d say we’ve caught/drowned 80 or so fruit flies between the three traps. Per the instructions, we first used a shot glass and filled it with the vinegar and soap. It worked pretty well, especially when we “assisted” and blew the fruit flies on the edge into the death mixture. (Sorry…it was right there in front of us…)

2013-9-6 FF-2

We then took one of our mini pie dishes (from Crate & Barrel, apparently not for sale anymore. I couldn’t find the link…) and filled it with the death mixture. It worked like a dream. I’d highly recommend the mini pie dishes — they’re great for tea bags, random pins and screws and snacks — and this concoction. It’s cheap, easy and effective. That is the winning combination for a successful pin. And that’s why I love this death mixture. Thanks, Pinterest. I can now (almost) drink my wine in peace.

How have you dealt with fruit flies in the past?

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