Library love on Megan’s Island!

2013-7-Library2If you’re a regular reader, you’re very familiar with my healthy addiction to spray paint, cats and all things wine. I wanted to let you in with another addiction I have: the library.

I’ve always been a library user, in fact, I’ve managed to keep my same library card for the past 25+ years! Here it is. What great penmanship, right?

Anyway, my library use comes in spurts and lately I’ve been on quite a kick. Of course I use the library for the typical fiction and non-fiction books, but recently I thought to expand my search a little bit: movies, CDs and COOKBOOKS! I also have been a big fan of checking out business, marketing and branding books for my small business, Little Britches Bakery.

2013-7-Library1My latest series of library holds focuses on party planning, cookbooks involving wine and books having to do with pizza, all things pizza. We’re still in the process of designing our backyard pizza oven but I’m researching dough and sauce recipes and topping ideas now.

I’m planning on reviewing my library finds for you in the upcoming weeks.

Happy reading to you and I’d love to hear your library stories and favorite books!

(Just as I was writing this I got an email from the library. I have Beasts of the Southern Wild waiting for me!)

2 thoughts on “Library love on Megan’s Island!

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