Hello, Buffalo!

Hello, Buffalo!

After traveling more than 3,300 miles through 14 states in 11 days, we arrived in Buffalo, NY a week ago Thursday! We finally have internet and once we get a bit settled in, I plan on sharing our epic road trip here.

Until then, I have lots of questions for the Buffalonians and Western New York aficionados:

What is recommendation for best…

  • Fancy dinner out?
  • Take out?
  • Delivery?
  • Deli?
  • Pizzeria: for dining in? for delivery?
  • Park/playground (for a 2 year old)?
  • Favorite tourist trap
  • Gym/fitness studio? Do you have a barre studio here?
  • Summer activity/festival?
  • Fall activity/festival?
  • Winter activity/festival?
  • Spring activity/festival?
  • Winery to taste at?
  • Wine seller? (Why can’t you just buy wine at the grocery store?! WHY!?)
  • Salon? Hair? Nail?
  • Dentist? Pediatric dentist?
  • Doctor? Pediatrician?

We’re living in Amherst, near the Millard Fillmore Suburban, so extra points for answers around where we live!

Thank you in advance!

We’re here!


6 thoughts on “Hello, Buffalo!

  1. Yikes! No wine at the GC?!? We’ve just gotten really spoiled. Gonna need to plan ahead! You’ve had a great adventure and I can’t wait to read more!

  2. Hello! My friend Crystal told me about you and sent me your website! I am originally from Snohomish and moved to Buffalo back in 2003 and lived there until 2007. Then I made the move to Rochester, an hour east up the thruway. I get homesick for Seattle all the time, but I also miss living in Buffalo! It is a wonderful city with the nicest people! I haven’t lived there for quite a while and a lot has changed, so I’m not sure how helpful my recommendations will be – but we still visit Buffalo fairly often, so here you go:
    – Duff’s for wings – way better than Anchor Bar!
    – Picasso’s for pizza
    – Jim’s steakout for take-out (get the fries w/blue cheese)
    – Panos for breakfast on Elmwood (the chicken souvlaki breakfast is my fave)
    – Hertel Ave has lots of good restaurants
    – Canalside, Buffalo Zoo, and Niagara Falls are all great activities
    – Premier Liquor & Wine was my go-to for booze. It stinks that they don’t sell wine in liquor stores here.
    – Wegmans – best grocery store ever!
    – Nordstrom Rack at the Boulevard Mall
    – Bills games & Sabres games – so fun! Might want to think twice about taking a kid to a Bills game though – very rowdy!
    – Delaware Park is beautiful
    – People rave about Mighty Taco, but I didn’t agree with the hype.
    – Ted’s hot dogs- kids love it!
    – There’s a drive-in movie theater in Lockport
    – There’s a great pumpkin patch in Clarence (can’t remember the name)
    – My biggest advice is to embrace winter! Buffalo handles the snow like a boss – the roads are almost always clear and no one skips a beat when the snow falls. Nothing like Seattle where there’s a dusting and the entire city shuts down. There is so much to do – ice skating at the Harborcenter/Canalside, skiing at Holiday Valley, snow shoeing at local parks and trails (you can rent them).
    – It took me a long time to find a good hair stylist when I lived there. I hope you have better luck with that!
    – Fancy dinner: There are TONS of good restaurants downtown – and the craft cocktail movement is in full swing as well. The Buffalo Chop House – amazing!!!! Marble & Rye is a favorite.

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