Girl Scout Cookie “Meal” 2: Thin Mint Cupcakes

Our second “meal” was an original and very basic concoction.  I just love pre-made cake mix, so I bought another box and made some delicious cupcakes.

Thin Mint Cupcakes

I made the mix per the instructions, BUT, I added nearly the whole box of crushed Thin Mint cookies and baked some over-sized cupcakes.  (My new favorite size of cupcake.)

Mallet + Box of Thin Mints =

= Lots of Thin Mint bits!

The frosting was pretty basic– I was lazy and bought a pre-made container of vanilla frosting.  To pretend like I’m not as lazy as I really am, I added some green gel frosting (I love gel frosting) and my easy frosting suddenly looked “mint” and so well-planned. (I could have added a mint extract, but again with the laziness.)

Jug of frosting + amazing gel frosting = pretend mint frosting

Once the cupcakes cooled, I frosted them with the “mint” frosting and then sprinkled the remaining Thin Mint bits on top.

My friend Krissie taught me the perfect way to "sprinkle" toppings on cupcakes.

The end result: Amazing!  Enjoy.

Thin Mint Cupcakes

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