And the Oscar goes to… YOU for hosting a party!

Tonight is the big night! We normally have a party in honor of the Academy Awards, but this year is different. The east coast time zone combined with a 2 year old with an early-ish bedtime has really done a number on our party hosting. (I’m looking at you too, Super Bowl!)

If I WERE hosting a party though, I would print out this ballot, these bingo cards, and create a menu that looks something like this…

Our Oscar party spread, circa 2017

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And a bonus photo of Michael from the 2016 show. What a round little cutie!

Michael getting the statues ready for our 2017 party


Chose your own craft: Bottle art

It’s Crafty McCrafterson here and I need your help. I cleaned out our liquor cabinet over the weekend and along with bags and bags of wine corks, I found a lot of old wine and bottles of booze.

After pouring out a barely-there bottle of Chambord, I took off the golden plastic rim and discovered there was a beautiful round bottle under all that gaudiness.

What to do with this Chambord bottle?!

What to do with this Chambord bottle?!

Lots to work with here

Lots to work with here

This is where I need your help. Please tell me in the comments what you think I should do with this bottle. Here are the options:

1. Leave as is — it’s beautiful and simple

2. Paint it gold! (I love gold spray paint…)

3. Other — Do you have a better idea? Share your thoughts!

It looks good as is, but would also look great in GOLD!

It looks good as is, but would also look great in GOLD!