{Wine Wednesday} Szerwo Szellars


Happy Wine Wednesday! This week I’m going to tell you about the presents I gave Brandon for his birthday in April.

Wine tags from Amazon

Wine tags from Amazon

Brandon and I are in two wine clubs (Davenport Cellars and Efeste) and have a tendency to collect wine faster than we can drink it. As a result, we have quite a few bottles “laying down” in our cellar. Unfortunately, our current set up doesn’t really allow for easy identification of bottles. Alas, present number one: wine tags! These were cheap and easy and I ordered 150 from Amazon.

In an effort to keep track of all of our bottles, to know which ones are ‘ready’ to drink and which bottles we need to replace, I also found present number two: our very own Personal Wine Curator! This thing is great. Here are the services they offer: Get drink dates, pair food and wine, track purchases, wine values and sales, print lists, tasting menus and reports, and interact with a worldwide community of fellow wine lovers. Because of Brandon’s school schedule, he has only had a chance to input about 15 bottles. So far, so good. He’s looking forward to inputting the rest of our bottles and exploring the system. It’s on his summer to-do list.

The third present was a find from the REWINED Designs shop on Etsy. Playing off of our last name, Szerwo (pronounced “Sir-vo”) I bought this customized aluminum sign that reads “Szerwo Szellars.”


Now that school is slowing down for the summer we’re going to really get into our new Szellar project. What about you? How do you organize your wine?

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